Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Making the Grade

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Yesterday I showed Harry Mace's cartoons, today we have his comic strip work. Like so many cartoonists, he was offered the chance to strut his stuff daily at least once maybe twice. As my samples show, Junior Grade started on Octorber the 14th, 1957. My samples run out in july the next year, but at least one source on the internet says it ran to 1961 (which is when Amy began). This same source (comicstripfan.com) also shows two original dalies, one from august 1959, so there must be some truth in that.

Alan Holtz' Strippers Guide tells us, there may have been a earlier daily strip called Hannibal, but it's one of those strips even he couldn't find. Hannibal sounds like a dogs name to my, by the way, so it could be one of Harry Mace's dogs...

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