Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Calvin

Monday Cartoon Day.

For a short period in the nineties, every new sitcom went to a stand-up comedian and every new newspaper strip went to a political cartoonist. There was Mixed Media by Jack Ohman, but others got into the game as well: McNelly, Toles, Peters... the strip by Wiley seems to be another one than Non Sequitur, which finally brought him fame and the love of lawyers everywhere.

Now, there are no new sitcoms and no new newspaper strips, of course. But let's not dwell on that. Let's enjoy these two contributions, instead. I was able to follow both of them in a weekly publication reprining the best of the newspaper page. I bound most of these newspaper sized magazines and if I can remember where I put them (they were so big I had to find a special place for them and now they are gone), I will scan more of them for you. Mixed Media was my favorite, what was yours? Ironicly, the artist who drew Bound and gagged ater took over Mixed media form Jack Ohman...

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