Friday, February 04, 2011

Good Spirits

Friday Comic Book Day.

John Spranger, whose Saint showed yesterday, started out as an artist in the Eisner/Iger group. He drew manu of the spirit stories whchw ere done when Will Eisner was in the army. Infact, he may have drawn even more than Lou Fine, who is more often mentioned as Eisner's replacement artist in those years. After the war, he continued drawing The Spirit for Eisner. He also drew Doll Man, The Manhunter, Plastic Man and other Quality series. In those books, he is often joined with Alex Kotzky, whose style and career path is similar to Spranger's. In fact, I have often owndered if Kortzky didn't help Spranger out on the Saint, since the very talented KOtzky seems to have disappeared in the fifties (apart from some illustration and advertising work). Here are two of Sprangers comic book stories.

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