Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sea Walker

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I admit to being fond of everything Mort Walker has done. To me he is the consumate funny cartoonist. I like his gags, I like his book and I like all of his trips, even the lesser efforts (although his lonely orphan strip Patches takes some getting used to). The years have not been kind to Boner's Ark. It has been called bland and just a collection of silly gags. But I liked it at the time, especially the Sunday pages. I guess what I liked was the fact that if challange Mort Walker artisticly and freed him up to try new stuff. Althoug I have a book of the later version of this strip, when it was drawn and taken over by Frank Johnson and I like that just as much. I have a stack of Sundays somewhere which I will scan some day. but for now here is a whole load of strips from the ealry period.

Mort Walker wasn't the only one of the first to use the Noah's Ark concept. How about this menagery of silly anuimals from Rube Goldberg's Boob mcNutt in 1933?

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