Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Shadows Know

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Last week I was too busy to do my regular Mort Meskin post. Today, I have more time on my hands, so I have retroactively inserted a Meskin post on Sunday. To see it, follow the link. For today I have to skip Action Comics #80. The story from Action #81 is signed by Meskin and probably inked by him as well. For last week's post I just wrote that the story in Action Comics #65 could have been inked by Meskin, but looking at this one, there is a difference, The lines are not as sharp, there is much more 'hay' (if that is what you call those small brush line used to indicate shadow) and the lines don't connect as much as the did in the other story. Still, if Meskin did not ink the story in #65, the artist there must have worked from very minimal pencils and did an excellent job. Here I am less impressed. Ik looks a bit sloppier to me. Still great work, though.

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