Thursday, March 03, 2011

Trouble in Egypt

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last week I got together the first half year of Sundays for Bob Oksner's late forties strip Cairo Jones. Today I went back and added another month of Sundays to that, so today I could continue the run in dailies. Usually it's the other way around. A series starts with dalies only and onle when it is a succes, a Sunday is added. Here the Sundays and dailies started together in october 1945, but since I couldn't find any dailie before july 1946, I can only show those from that.

But putting this up, I saw I had a puzzling announcement from July 16th 1946, announcing the start of Cairo Jones. Was there a daily version from the start, or did Cairo Jones start as a Sunday only? I will have to wait until Alan Holtz publishes his Stripper's Guide, I guess.

All this started because I have a load of color Sundays to show. But sinc those are not part of a complete storyline, they will have to wait until I have culled that from NewspaperArchive. At least I can start this post with one of them, although i am cheating - this page actually belongs at the end of last weeks post... so if you want to follow the story, go there first.

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Peter Bangs said...

WOW! I knew Oksner was good from his 70's DC stuff but this blows that out of the water.