Thursday, March 31, 2011

Watch This Space

Thursday Story Strip Day.

When I started this blog, on eof the strips I showed from it's beginning was Ray Bailey's Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, which ran from late 1951 to 1953. I got as far as november 1952 before having to abandon it for other projects. But is has always been on my ind to cntinue it until you can read the entire thing on this blog.

I recently bought a new set of Sundays, which make me think I should revisit this project soon. Here are three of them, from November 1952, which is about where I left off. I have inserted them into the previous post, where I only had the black nd white version. I have left those on there, so you can see the difference between the thrie tier and the tabloid cut of this strip. I also have a few for December, so I have my work cut out for next week...

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