Monday, April 11, 2011

American Kay

Monday Cartoon Day.

Some time ago I showed as many pages as I could from a weird weekly package made by some animation people from the Redwood Weekly Gazette. If you haven't seen it yet, go and see them. There are three posts, covering most of what I could find. On that page, sometimes was a panel cartoon clled The American Way. It shows how the American Way is better than socialism. As a Eurpean I don't share the knee-jerk condemnation of the whole socialism concept that half of the US seems to have. In fact, I live in one of the remaining few countries with a functioning health care system and I am proud of it. Still, that makes these satirical anti-liberal cartoons even funny for me. Or is it still satire when it is not about 'us' but about 'them''? When does satire cross over into propaganda? Anyway, it seems that this panel was not part of the cartoon page package, as it appears on other pages and other days in the same paper. I know little to nothing about this panel (which seems to have been numbered above the signature) or it's artist, Tom Kay. But I do find it hilarious.

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