Monday, May 02, 2011

You Can Call Me Gore

Tuesday Comic Strip Day (sort of).

I have just been appointed editor of the newly to appear Dutch Mad. It is going to have a healthy doe of original Dutch material and I am having a ball getting together the material. As soon as I am able to share stuff, I will do so.

In the meantime, here is some very Mad-like newspaper material. Larry Gore's Thing ran for a very short time in 1968 as a three weekly box and appeared again in 1969 as a daily tier. I remember reading somewhere that the art (whatever there was of it) was done by Mad's Bob Clarke.


Daniel [] said...

There was a paperback book collection of some or all of these. I acquired it as a child in the late '60s or in early 1970, quickly found it not to my tastes, and swapped it for a copy of Like, Mad.

The Seditionist said...

I have an awfully feeble recollection of having a wee book with his name on it. Something about the 6 Day War??? Is that possible?

Mike Lynch said...

Congratulations, my fir3end, on being the MADdest Dutch editor!

Sam Henderson said...

He was a writer for MAD and appeared in the masthead sometimes as being in charge of "publicity lies".