Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Calling Archie Goodwin

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Mike Roy had a diverse career with different levels of succes. In the late forties he was the artist of name of the newspaper strip version of the Saint. In 1949 he used later EC giant Jack Davis as ghost artist or at elast as inker. In the early fifties he was all over the place, doing comics for all sorts of companies, but usually not the better or better paying ones. He used lots of assistants then as well, or worked together with others. In the midfifties he returned to newspaper comics in the midfifties with another name detective, this time Nero Wolfe. My guess is he worked with assistants then as well, but this time they were not signing. Here is one of two stories I can present. They are pretty short, but that suits me just fine right now.

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