Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Ghost of a Chance

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Thorn McBride was Frank Giacioa's third newspaper strip and not his best by a long shot. Sherlock Holmes had been a Sunday and daily. Johnny Reb had been a Sunday only. Thorn McBride was daily only and knowing he was able to keep te needed schedule, it was drawn a lot more simple than jis previous outings. And even then he didn't mae it. I have shown the first month of this strip in an earier post. Together with the second and third month here, they almost form the full first storyline. I just have to go back and get the last few days of januari to finish it up. After that, the stip was taken over by the much more reliable Mel Keefer, who ket the strip going for at least another year.

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This script is for the birds.