Monday, June 20, 2011

Making A Bundle

Monday Cartoon Day.

Henri Boltinoff was a prolific cartoonist from the forties to the sixties, seventies? His earliest work may even have been in the late thirties, I would have to look. You see him everywhere. Well, not everywhere. He never worked dirty or did a negative joke. But his gentle style was welcomed in a lot of magazines. It also made him perfect for Dc, where his brother was editor. So he did a lot of fillers fom them from the forties onward. He even had his own strips and did covers.

He never actually did a newspaper strip of panel, although he would have been a natural. There was one effort for Zeke Zekely's Commercial Comics of the early sixties, a shortlived specially produced comic section that was given away at participating stores in California. I have shown some of it (and have a couple of the originals on my wall), but much more and more information can be found at Alan Holtz' Strippers Guide.

But that was just a bunch of gags, not a true newspaper effort. But it turnss out he did do a series of cartoons under the title Stoker the Broker in the late sixties and early seventies. As the title suggests, the subject was stockbrokering and this panel was clearly intended for the financial pages of a newspaper. As with the many efforts of strips expecially marketed to liven up the ad pages, it did never get a lot of attention and I am not even sure if it was a real daily or just a couple of days a week. I found a batch of them in 1968/69, some more in 1970 and two in 1975. I don't know if it ran in between there as well or if the same set was reused. It is a hard strip to find, because if it doesn't show in a name search in an archive (and it rarely does) you have to go through every financial section of every day to see if there are more. And I haven't yet.

Untill then enjoy these. And remember, as they have to say here in every financial ad on television or radio: "The realised value of stock in the past, doesn't garuantee anthing for the future."

Here he was used for an ad...


Martin Gray said...

I think I'll stick with Cap's Hobby Hints and Caey the Cop. But how interesting, to see another side of HB.

rnigma said...

It looked like Boltinoff was going for the Hank Ketcham style in this feature.
Zeke Zekley, of course, was George McManus' longtime assistant on "Bringing Up Father." Unfortunately when McManus died, King Features passed Zekley over in favor of Vern Greene.