Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Beautiful People

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Those of you following my blog will know of my fondness for newspaper comic strip ads for movies. Part of that comes from the fact that there was a whole series of ads by Lou Fine in the late forties, that are just gorgeous. If they aren't ncluded in the new upcoming book by Rick Marshall on Sunday newspaper ads, I'll be thoroughly dsappointed. But part of it also is the fact that at one time ad agencies actually thought it was a good idea to advertise movies through a comic strip version in the Sunday Comics section. Or, if an out and out advertisement was out of the question, to do some sort of product placement deal with a movie being mentioned in an ad for another product. Also from 1948 comes a run of ads for Trim hair tonic that does just that. There will have been more, these are just from a small period between March and May. As per usual, they were twoweekly. The artist is unknown and seem to me to have been an illustrator doing comics, instead of the other way around. I guess it was cheaper than getting the actors to pose for a photograph.

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