Friday, July 08, 2011

Detective Work

Saturday Extra.

I am still reading Joe Simon's excellent new biography. In it he says that the first thing he sold to Martin Goodman (of the company that grew to be Marvel), was his already written and drawn idea of Captain America. When that deal was done, he was asked to do editorial work for him, which included doing some art direction for some of Goodman's pulps. As with other things in the bio, the dates don't rally fit. The first issue of Captain America appeared in March 1941 and here we have a Simon edited detective magazine from NOvember 1940. I don't think the production times were so different to explain that gap. Still, it's a good opportunity to share some rare art.

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SangorShop said...

Interesting to see that Edwin Baird was writing for Goodman in 1940. Baird was an early pulp editor, best known as the first editor of Weird Tales (and the man who forced H. P. Lovecraft to double space his manuscripts).