Friday, July 22, 2011


Friday Comic Book Day.

Yesterday I showed some of Irving Novick's work on Cynthia. Today I have a long run of pages from a feature for Boy's Life, called Law and Justice. Much of Novick (and Creig Flessel)'s work for Boy's Life was centered around biblical themes. although this feature is not cutting edge either, it is more historical.

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The Seditionist said...

Novick and Cardy were two guys Infanitino thought were the best, IIRC. And Novick was at one point the highest paid artist at DC.

Me, I think part of the problem with his rep is two-fold. Bigger one was I think maybe something was lost when the art boards got shrunk. As you know, some guys adapt, a few maybe even blossomed, and some lost something.

The other thing is that Novick ended his career as essentially an Infantino swipest on the Flash. So: Something lost when the boards shrunk, then more lost when he let go of his own style.

So you end up with a diminished reputation.