Monday, August 15, 2011

Barry Good

Monday Vigilante Day.

Are you ready for another week of Dan Barry brilliance?


David R said...

Hey Ger,

I have some old fifties Superman and Batman and the like I was going to scan in and put on my blog. Will DC come after me if I put up something that popular? I have some Barks stuff as well.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

My guess is they will eventually contact me to remove all copyrighted posts. I will do so immediately and can only hope they will not be very heavy in their approah. The only reason I put up the stuff I put up, is to enlarge the publics's knowledge of the many gems in the DC archives. I think they are for to much focussed on superheroes for one and secondly on established titles. The Joe Kubert stories I showed here will not be included in any reprint project of DC fort at least another year or ten. And that is if they would commit themselves to reprinting a title such as All American completely. Instead, they put out different versions of Supermans tries form Action Comics, leaving stuff like the Vigilante as leftovers. Even if they would at some poit decide that the Vigilante would be a project to publish, something like Joe Kubert's Sgt. Foley (a terrific series from the early fifties I plan to show sometime) or Leonard Starr's early work (which I have shown here) or Ruben Moreira's Roy Raymond in Detective Comics. So I don't really expect them to block me very soon, since they should be seeing how much good it does them to get these stories out there.

But if you want to publish Batman and Superman or any of their other biggies, you'd better have a good reason, comparing stories of writers or tracking certain storylines or influences. Otherwise you are just trying to get attention by using their most popular material and not only do I think they will be onto you soon, I wouldn't blame them either.

Some goes for the Barks material.