Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Light Up

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In May this year I showed some ads from a 1941 series for Prince Albert pipe tobacco called Wonders of America. Last week I went to Newspaper Archive to find more of them. The seemed to have run once a month, rather than the customary once every two weeks for this type of ad. If the numbering on the later samples is right, they started in December 1940 but I couldn't find that one. There was a whole Santa Claus page for Prince Albert that month, so I don't know. Maybe the January 1941 one is the first.

Anyway, before that, they had Judge Robbins, some of which I have show earlier, and when it ended they changed to some nature theme. I did not find all of them, but it is a nice enough sample.

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fortunato said...

First four are by Raeburn "Abbie an' Slats" Van Buren.