Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wacky Jacky

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I bought a whole lot of 1959 Sundays of Jack Mendelsohn's Jacky's Diary, which I will end up puttinf up here as soon as I have scanned them in. This is how far I got and it's too much fun not to share. I urge you all to buy and read Alter Ego #100 and #101 for a career spanning interview with Mr. Mendelsohn by Jim Amash. Riveting stuff by one of comicdom funniest writers. Apart from doing this, he worked for Panic, Cracked, Mad and the Carol Burnett Show and did a load of comic strip adaptations for Dell books, including his own Jacky's Diary.

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Dan Moynihan said...

Great stuff! Thanks so much for sharing.