Friday, September 16, 2011

Cave Man

Friday Comic Book Day.

Earlier this week I showed a panel strip from the late forties that might have been drawn by Lee Elias. To compare, I have here some of his latest work. Not really the best stuff to compare it to, but his work for Harvey in the fifties is readily available on the web and I am preparing a longer run of his excellent Sunday only strip Beyond Mars in color. After all that, he started working for DC, where he did a load of not very interesting stories for their fantasy books. His efforts for Showcase were among the few that bever made it to their own title, but as far I am concerned, it was not the art that was at fault.


Robert Clayton Cooke said...

Elias is awesome! Never seen these, great stuff! Still retaining some of his Caniff vibe. Nearly gone in some of his really late stuff I have seen from Warren magazines. More Elias, please! I really enjoy your blog, BTW. So many great comics by artists I love, but that I would never find otherwise! Keep up the great work. I have been coming back often (few times a week) for about a year now. :)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

He did a lot of this type of work for the DC 'mystery' titles between 1956 and 1966. DC is now slowly starting to collect those titles, but concentrating on Kirby. You might want to try and get the relatively cheap Green Arrow Showcase that is half Caniff and half Elias. I have a huge collection of Beyond Mars, which I will share as soon as I am done scanning them.