Sunday, September 04, 2011

Will It Ever Happen?

Monday Cartoon Day.

Another batch of Bud Blake's daily cartoons I built up over the last few months. It is getting harder and harder to see which ones I did and did not use before. As I have said before, he did more then ten years of these cartoons. I especially like the really dark ones he used to do at the end of the year, something he lost when he started doing Tiger. In fact, he lost the darkness in his humor a well.

I would love to be the one to pick some of these for a book collection. I see two possibillities. Either someone doe a complete reprint series, starting in late 1954 on to 1966 (if my dates are correct), in the manner of Fantagraphics' Dennis the Menace series. Or you can do a career reptrospective on Blake, focussing on his kids strip Tiger, but prefacing it with a huge introduction featuring the best of these cartoons and lots of his color covers for The American Weekly. Would you buy either of these?


Daniel [] said...

I note the pen in an ink-well shown in the strip for 4 Jan '61.

Artists were still using dip pins (and will be doing so to-morrow), but most of the rest of the country — and certainly almost all children — had abandoned dip pens and fountain pens for ball-point pens. The image of a pen in an ink-well had become a sort of ideogram for having a pen at hand.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Using old symbols, one of the traps of cartooning...