Wednesday, October 05, 2011

A Block of the Ol' Chip

Wednesday Advertising Strip Day.

As long as I have my Boy's Life folder open, I might as well share all of the Chip Martin ads I clipped from Googles Magazine stash of the Boy Scouts magazine. These magnificent ads (the last of the really big comic strip ad series) were drawn (and signed) almost monthly by Tom Scheuer from September 1960. Scheuer is a lesser know artist, whose influence on famed comic book artist Neal Adams can not be overstated. In mid 1961, Scheuer stops signing the ads and from then on the likelyhood that Adams was actually involved increases. In 1963, the run seems to have ended, although I have one for 1964 that looks more like Adams' work than any of them - except for the one after that from 1966. In that later period Adams also did a couple in full color, which I have shown from my own scans on a previous occasion. What the devision of labour was in the early years, only Adams and Schreuer know. Both men are still alive and I hope either of them will drop by one day and leave a note.

A remarkable run of a remarkable advertising strip, that deserves to be remembered.

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