Saturday, October 01, 2011


Saturday Leftover Day.

So at the start of this week I shared a weird feature by Gene Fawcette that ran from 1969 to 1972. Wednesday I shared a feature called Our space Age, written by Otto Binder and (at least for most of the time) drawn by Carl Pfeuer. In the meantime I was collecting material for this post, about Gene Fawcette's other regular feature in the sixties, called Our New Age. Written by reknowned scientist Athelstan Spilhaus, this feature started in 1960 as what seems like a Sunday only illustrated by the otherwise unknown Earl Cros. Somewhere at the end of 1961, the art chores were taken over by E. C. Felton, who did not get a byline,but was allowed to sign on the page. The Stripper's Guide's Alan Holtz said that he probably was the same guy as Earl Cros. At the same time a daily version was done with art by a Ray Evans. A far too common name to get any results from a Google search. In mid 1962 Gene Fawcette took over in a very slick style. I am not always a fan of this middle of the road style (which can be found in many of the Dell comic books as well), but Fawcette gives a nice flourish to it. At first he does the daily strip as well, but that seems to disappear after a while. The Sunday version is contnued unti mid 1974, so well after New! started and ended. At some point I may scan and enter some of the color Sundays, because dull as it is, it was always very ncely presented.


Unknown said...

"...the otherwise unknown Earl Cros."

Earl Cros is an anagram of Carl Rose, the magazine cartoonist whose most famous cartoon is the New Yorker gag with the little girl saying, "I say it's spinach, and I say to hell with it."

Carl Rose fesses up to being Earl Cros in his NCS bio card:

Ger Apeldoorn said...

So Alan Holtz guess that the E. C. in E. C. Felton is Cros is wrong? At least it explains why there is only one s in Cros.

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