Saturday, October 22, 2011

Form For Forms Sake

Saturday Leftover Day.

One of the blog I follow daily is Alan Holtz' Stripper's Guide. Alan is the formost espert in the area of newspaper strips and he sets himself apart from the older colletors by covering the whole of newspaper strip history, including the seventies eighties and nineties and my favorite period, the fifties. Still, a large amount of the posts cover the under thirtie, which usually don't hold my interest longer than it takes Alan to write about it. He has gathered around him a group of experts, such as Cole Johnson and Italian artist and expert Alfredo Castelli. Alfredo is the man to go to for art identifications on anything from Dell. And Cole Johnson has a collection of old newspapers that is second to none. From Cole comes this beauty, that caught my eye so much that I had to go and look for more samples. It didn't run for longer than four months, so it was hart to find many in the damaged files at NewspaperArchive, but I came across three more. It is not the art I fell for, but the whole concept of a comic strip that plays with the form... in 1907, already. The color samples are from Cole and Alan.

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