Monday, October 31, 2011

Off To Work We Go

Monday Cartoon Day.

Alan Holtz of The Stripper's Guide call George Scarbo a 'true workhorse of the NEA Features Syndicate'. Every syndicate worth it's money had a subscription service, where you could get a whole package of stuff to fill your newspaper with: articls, columns, photo services, comics and little illustrated features. To provide allt his, these syndicates employed staffs of talented young artists. The AP syndicate was known for having All Capp, Milton Caniff, Noel Sickles and Mel Graff. I have also shown work of one of their lesser known workers, Hank Barrow. Another artist associated with them was Morris, who even did the AP strip Scorchy Smith for a short while in the early sixties. George Scarbo worked for NEA and specilized in caricatures and funny animals. He later became best know for his Sunday only comic strip The Comic Zoo and was the first artist to illustrate NEA's later famous Christmas strips. He also did lots and lots of specialty art and panels, which I am showing here.

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