Thursday, October 27, 2011

Softly, softly

Thursday Story Strip Day.

The new stack of Sunday pages I recieved this week does not only include funny strips, of course. No I usually collect my mor serious stuff until I can show you a complete storyline. But here are two samples, I'd like to share, with possibly more to come.

I start off with the introduction of Mary Perkins and here friends on Leonard Starr's On Stage in februari 1957. My guess is these drawings were taken from the presentation package, as they do not come from the first page (on view in the excellent On Stage reprint series from classicomicspress).

The second thing I would liek to show is a sample of Dan Heilman's Judge Parker. In a recent interview in Alter Ego Geilman's successor on the strip Harold Ledoux trashed Heilman as a horrible human being who let his assistant (LeDoux) do all the work while taking the glory for himself. When I started looking at Heilman's strip before JUdge Parker, The American Adventure, I noticed how much more I liked it than I thought I would. I had written off Judge Parker as a wooden and dull strip in a uninteresting style. But after going back to the early years, I found that the Judge was actually very well drawn, back when Heilman was still ding it. And as for LeDoux story, that he did all the work, while Heilman grabbed the fame... as far as I can see the strip was being done by Heilman himself pretty much until LeDoux took over in the early sixties. As can be seen in this sample from 1957.

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