Friday, November 18, 2011

Short Short Luck

Friday Comic Book Day.

Back when Michael T. Gilbert still had a blog, he used to show Klaus' Nordling's Lady Luck whenever he could. Or the first and previous incarnation of that early heroine by Bob Powell. Lady Luck was one of the the four page fillers used against the eight pages of Will Eisner's Spirit in hte famous folding newspaper comic book section Will Eisner created for newspapers all through the forties and into the fifties. When he was in the army, The Spirit was taken over by a staff which included Lou Fine and Jack Cole. All the while Lady Luck kept on running by a variety of artists ntil it settled down on Klaus Nordling in 1944 or 1943. He kept it up all through the rest of the decade, producing one four page story every week. Many of these were reprinted in various Quality titltes, including a short run of Lady Luck in the late forties. If they were all reused in the various Quality books I don't know. As far as I am aware nobody ever made a list. But the run was impressive, as were the stories. Nordling did not have the room Eisner had for huge splash pages, but he did what he could within the little space he had. All in all a remarkable strip by a huge talent.

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