Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tales of City Hall

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Some time ago, I showed some samples of Dave Gerard's City Hall. City Hall was Gerhard's second strip. While it ran, he kept on his 'hit' series, the now unjustly forgotten Wil-Yum. The text seems to have been done by smeone calle Donoby, about whom I could find no additional information. From April 1960, the strip was taken over by a cartoonist called Don Cole in an even more modern style. If you want to see that version, follow the tag, as I do not have any new samples of that. What I do have, is a Sunday page by Gerhard and Donoby. Until recently I thought there was no Sunday page, but apparently Gerhard managed that easily. Which makes this little gem of a strip even more special. Don Cole seems to be around and I hope he'll see this and get in touch.


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