Sunday, December 04, 2011

Branding the Style

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Sandy Jarrell was so kind to send me the missing Vigilante story from Action Comics #121. A great gift, because it is part of the return of Meskin and Robinson to the feature that made him big. Looking at these stories in sequence is the best way to appraise the styles and see who did what. As I said last week the leap forward in Mort Meskin's style was huge, which I cannot help but attribute to Jerry Robinson's influence. I agree with Steve Brower that they did most of their stuff together with George Roussos at hand for when things got too much. Still, todays's story seems like pure Meskin and Robinson to me.


Steven Brower said...

Hi Ger,

Another great M & J story. I think the word I've been searching for is Mort's work is more robust when working with Jerry.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

If Harry is right and showing these stories online hurts the chances of a reprint series, I think it is this run (including the Western Comics stories) and the earliest ones with the double page spreads that are the ones that should be left alone for print publication.