Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Man's Accident

Saturday Leftover Day.

Here is some more of the Juliet Jones stoy I started thursday. I have since seen (in the second volume of reprint series by classiccomicpress) that the story itself runs until the end of december, making it a four month storyline. I will gather the rest and share it as well, although I repeat that for a better quality art you'd better get the reprint books (volume three, taking it up to 1960, has also been published, with a fourth volume under way). This was just, to see if anyone can spot where the Bob Lubbers guest art starts and where it ends. Stan Drake was further ahead on the Sunday pages, which had a seperate storyline, but they too, seem to have been ghosted by Lubbers as well (with Lubbers doing his own Long Sam dailies and Sundays at the same time).

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