Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who Was That Masked Ghost?

Friday Comic Book Day.

Continuing the Bob Lubbers theme of this week, I have some of his ealry comic book work. All through the late forties he worked on all sorts of comics for Fiction House. Representing that, I have a late Firehair story he did, one of his main characters there. After that, he worked for several publishers, including ACG and St, John, shown here, but also Gleason and Better/Nedor/Standard. And he did some jobs for DC, including a three issue stint on The Vigilante (following Joe Kubert and befor Dan Barry took over). All the while he was doing the Tarzan daily and Sunday strip in what I would call a much more typical Bob Lubbers style - and apparently he was doing advertising work with Stan Drake. I have shown one series of ads I believe were by Lubbers earlier (for some sort of soap, you'll find it if you follow the tag), but Lubbers expert Joachim doesn't see it. Still, the Who's Who mentions him doing some newspaper advertising in that period. It also mentions that he ghosted Secret Agent X-9 between 1956 and 1960, when I am sure it was drawn by George Tuska, though. And that would have meant he did three strips in 1959. I guess he ghosted on and off in that period, although I have not yet come across any samples. Still, it look like all though his life Lubbers was capable of doing a lot of polished high quality work all at once, in fact almost twice as much as any other artist.

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