Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's A Crime!

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Here is another Meskin story from the tumultuous period of 1948. As I have been saying these last few weeks, Mort Meskin started working with Jerry Robinson and in my opinion it made huge leap forward. Still, it is not easy to say what the actual contribution of Robinson was. There are touches of pure Meskin at each artistic level level (page lay-out, sketching, line-inking and spotting of blacks). This story comes before the Justice Traps the Guilty stories I showed twoo weeks ago and like the first of these two, it could be that the later normal order of things was reversed - and what we see here is Mort Meskin inking over Jerry Robinson pencils. It shows a lot of Meskin, while still being more intricate than the last solo work we saw him doing (the stories he did vor Prize's Treasure, for instance - also shown here some time ago).

I thought this was an important story to include, one of the first he (and Robinson?) did for the Simon and kirby team producing the crime and romance books for Prize. I had to wait until I was able to scan it myself, since there were no other scans available on the internet.

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