Monday, February 06, 2012

I Pledge Allience To The Legion

Monday Cartoon Day.

Jack Mendelsohn was oneof the best and most important comic book and satirical writers in the US. He started out as a cartoonist in the forties, wrote for several companies in the fifties (including a lot of material for Mad's selfproduced imtation Panic), wrote for Dell in the fifties and did loads of articles for Mad and Cacked in later years. Fortunately, he is still with us and gave a great interview to Jim Amash for Alter Ego recently. He is also on facebook, where I found him last week. We shared a few thoughts and I showed him some of the material I used on my blog. Then, out of the bluw, I find three of his cartoons in a run of American Legion magazines I recently bought. American Legion magazine was one of the most rabif anti-communist magazines I have ever read, with articles on how to spot the reds and how not to be duped by them like those pinks who follow their lead. Mendelsohn wrote to me that it was a very rightwing magazine indeed, but he was more interested in their exisance as a market thn their political stance. and he wasn't the onl one In that short run I found cartoons by Mort Walker, Hank Ketcham and Virgil Partch and just about ever one of the regular Collier's/Saturday Evening crowd.

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