Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Yum-Yum Kid

Thursday Comic Strip Day.

To go with yesterday's Dave Gerard cartoons, here is an overview of his strip Will-Yum, which started in the early fifties and ran until the late sixties. As cute as it may seem to us now, in it's own time it may have gone on a bit too long and have been a bit old hat towards the end.

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Joey Stephens said...

I dont know how to contact you but I have some dave gerard items I dont know much about my mother gave me recently and wanted to know if you could maybe give me a price of what they are worth and the history behind them you can contact by email- joey_stephens52@yahoo.com the items consist of post cards, menus, travel guides, cartoons, maps, personal belongings like letters to Dave Gerard he sent to his daughter while he was in europe, and some papers sent to him while he was in office and papers from the company he worked at about his comics