Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Wewwie Wewwie Unsigned

Wednesday Advertising Day.

One of the artists working for Johnstone and Cushing which fascinates me the most is Elmer Wexler, mostly because there is so little be be found by him. So I was glad that I was alerted to a website which lists some of his work in pulps, comics and afterwards.

This website also shows a 'news' piece from 1945. I tracked it down in NewspaperArchive, but frankly my copy is not as good as the one they have.

All this research led my to my own earlier posts on Wexler and I saw Alan Kay had replied to one of those with two interesting additions: one, that Wex;er was interviewed in Alter Ego #36 (which I must have somewhere so I'll dig it out) where a Rusty and Dusty ad was used as illustration of his work. This longrunning series had a distinctive style which fits the one signed ad I have (and which I am showing again below). This may finally give me a handle on his style. Alan also said he was working on an article about Wexler, which would be great. Tell us how you are doing, Alan.

I have also adde a link to my earlier postings on Rusty and Dusty.

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