Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Before Crud

Tuesday Comic Strip Bonanza.

I wanted to share a couple of new B.C. scans, but found out I had a backlog of B.C. material. I try to pick up scans and bits of this terrific strip whenever I can, but I didn't know I had amassed so much. So instead of those few 1961 scans, I will show a run of whatever I have from 1960, the second full year of the strip (which had started in october 1958). In later years, this strip got a name for being static, a series of excuses for verbal gags, mostly of the 'sarcasm for sarcasm's sake' variety. But in the early years it was also the best slapstick strip around, as you can see from some of these samples.


Madison said...


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Ger Apeldoorn said...

Since I do get some spam here, I woul love to see your website first. Leave the adress here and I will contact you there.