Thursday, March 08, 2012

Murphy's Upholder Of The Law

Thursday Story Strip Addition.

I also added this Sunday to the selection of Buck Rogers pages drawn by Murphy Anderson.

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luifel said...

Dear Ger:
Greetings from Brasil! You have no idea how happy I was to find Buck Rogers by George Tuska in your blog! Here, it was published in a local newspaper, back when I was 8 years old! Even though I've read Buck by Calkins (UGH!) and Yager (that's MUCH better...), to me, Buck Rogers will always be George Tuska. And I appreciated all the other works by him that you showcased in your blog. (Later, I found some more stuff in Ilovecomix Archive - but I hope you continue to publish more stories, like the imperfect duplicator (where, for the first time, I saw an alien with pointed ears) and the caltechium heist, which came right after the dwarf princess. Tahnk you for bringing me such happiness!