Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Peeking At The Tag

Wednesday Advertising Day.

On May 13 2009 I did a post about Lou Fine's Charlie Wild ads for Wildroot. Like the Sam Spade ads before that, they were based on the Wildroot sponsored radio series for CBS. And like that radio series, they changed the set-up and name of the series when Dashiel Hammett was blacklisted. I thought the run of the ads ended when the radio season must have ended, but finding a fresh installment from November of that same year make me wonder. I think these ads are but Lou Fine, although several posters on my previous showing agreed that something was off. I have also added these to (and a fresh and better one of the March 1951 episode) to that earlier post.

After that, I have another ad that at first baffled me as to who coul dhave drawn it. The style is so generic, that it could have been any number of people. Thankfully, this pne is signed in the third panel. Can you spot it?

And knowing where to look, I found two more Charlie Wild smaples. The ad series seems to have skipped the summer months and continues in September. But by then the 'listen to Charlie Wild on CBS' caption has disappeared.

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