Monday, April 09, 2012

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Monday Cartoon Day

Last year I shared what I thought was a unique find - a series of cartoons done for the wand ad page by Frankenstein artist Dick Briefer. After that, I ran into some more. Apparenly Briefer did them for two years, or slightly less. In the end he was relapaced (or relieved) by another artist, although he did still appear on and off. From my selection I get the impression they were made once a week - which means there are still some more to be found. They are in Dick Briefer's later funny style, the same stye he used for the Frankenstein newspaper strip he was trying around the same time (which were shown in an issue of Alter Ego). Funny stuff - too bad he didn't get to sell that Frankenstein strip.


David R said...

Awesone! I'd like to see those Frankenstein strips.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The Frankenstein strips were in Alter Ego #53 and #62.

Rich Clabaugh said...

Yes more Briefer! Thank you! I would love to see more of his work other than his Frankenstein comic book stuff! Also more Gordo!! Thanks again!!