Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Muse of H-B

Wednesday Filler Day.

I am behind with scanning, so I am filling the missing posts this weeks with some oddities I have lying around.

Ken Muse was a Tom and Jerry anmator who went on to be one of the driving forcs behind the Hanna-Barbera company, animating maney of their key pilots and titles sequences. Who knew he also did a weird little newspaper strip in the early sixties?


Chris Smigliano said...

Ken Muse also wrote a couple very thick and beautifully illustrated books on creating comic strips and cartooning techniques. He was very thorough with different types of paper, inks, pen points, and about anything else you could think of. it's a shame these books are out of print today.

joecab said...

Ditto what Chris said. I own one of those books , The Secrets of Professional Cartooning (Prentice-Hall 1981, ISBN 0-13-798132-5) and it's everything he said and more. Very highly recommended!

joecab said...

Oh wait, you're Chris from CBG! Hi Chris!