Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Post With The Most

Saturday Leftover Day.

The early career of fan favorite Howard (Howie) Post is not highlighted a lot. Most fans know he did a great series of short stories for DC's More Fun in the late forties in a style pretty similar tot that of Walt Kelly and some may even know that he almost filled a complete run of a fairy tale series called Wonderland for Prize beforeand during that. I knew he did more for DC, but I was surprised to see how much he actually did for them from 1947 to 1952, before jumping over to Stan Lee's Timely Atlas group. I also showed a couple of other fairy tale type stories he did for other companies before and during this period. I still think a man of Post's talent and speed may have done other stuff as well. Anyway, here are two stories from a book called Slapstick Comics, as yet unentered in the GCD. It doesn't have a date, but I suspect it is 1946, slightly before Wonderland appeared. As such, it may be Post's first published work. Either that, or it is extremely rushed. The Walk Kelly influence is already there, but not as outspoken.

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Tyler Williams said...

Holy Cow, in that first comic, almost every single head is in profile. It's almost like he was afraid to show two eyes on one head.
That being said, love Howie Post's work.