Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome To The Club

Monday Cartoon Day.

Today I have a couple of Wilbert cartoons by Gill Fox. They were done in a style which was influenced by Hank Ketcham. he wasn't the only artist working in that style around that time. There were quite a few Dennis the Menace imitations at that time, both in the comics and on the newspaper page. One of them was Angel, by Mel Casson - which also spawned a comic book series. An earlier effort by Casson, called Sparky, met with less succes. After all that I have the large selection of pages from a comic book called Clubhouse Rascals, which I think is by Fox. Or is it Casson anyway? Or someone else? Imitation styles are a lot harder to identify.


Alberto said...

Hello Ger.

I'm pretty sure that the Clubhouse Rascals comic book was at least inked and lettered (if not also written and penciled) by the ubiquitous Vic Lockman, who - as you probably know - write about 7,000 stories for Dell/Western Publishing/Gold Key/Whitman.

I doubt if Mel Casson was involved with the production of this comic book.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yes, I too saw the huge difference in style from Angel to this. But the girl in the one-pager from Rascals does bear an uncanny resemblance to Angel. I did not know Lockman. I think the quality of Clubhouse Rascals is superb. If that is his work, he really was a good artist.