Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Heart of Lightness.

Thursday Story Strip Day.

In one of the comments someone asked if I could share more of The Heart of Juliet Jones. I told him that the best way to get Stan Dake excellent strip is to buy the reprin books from classic comics press. There are three out now and a fourth is planned. But he pointed out that they do not reprint the Sundays and indeed they don't. There are plans to do color collections, but they might take some time. So here are a couple of sequences from the Sunday version of Juliet Jones, two in black and white and one from my own collection in color. I hope you will all go out and buy the daily cllections, so Classic Comics Press can get those color books out. My runs are spotty, since the strip is hard to find complete in my sources. Still, you'll probably be able to enjoy them as they are, because they had a seperate storyline from the dailies.

A short hitch here, but at least it ended well for Juliet an Eddy. Or did it?

Here my first (incomplete) run ends. I guess things ended badly with Eddu. At least we never saw him back. That would be the second boyfriend Juliet put into the ground. I wonder how many there were over the years.

Around here Bob LUbbers would have taken over for Drake, while he was recouperating from the car accident that killed Alex Raymond. I don't know how far ahead Drake was on the Sundays, but it seems to have been a lot further than the dailies. In Glamourpuss Dave Sim is examining the evidence surrounding this accident and I think it might be interesting for him to check the dates Lubbers jumps in with the information available. Anyway, the next few clearly are by Lubbers, although Drake may have returned sooner than I would have thought.

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Alberto said...

Hi Ger.

Great post on Juliet Jones!

By the way, Bob Lubbers ghost-drew the dailes from Oct. 29 to Nov. 10, 1956 and the Sundays from Nov. 11-25, 1956.