Saturday, May 19, 2012

Your Goverment Dollars At Work

Saturday Leftover Day.

In alter Ego #105 (the magazine about golden and silver age comics and it's creators) Richard Arnt wrote about the Comics Code, which policed the contents of American comic books from the mid-fifties. There were some samples of comics code ordered butchering, especially in the beginnening when everyone was still figuring out how this worked. I understand they are working on a follow-up article for which I have provided some samples. Here is another whopper - in Avon's Wild Bill Hickock #25 and #26 huge changed were apparently ordered. As was the case in several other changes I have seen from other companies, there was so little time that stuff had to be cut out of the art plates or in some cases replaced by new panels which didn't have the time to be colored. Here, from Wild Bill Hickock under a Raymond Kinstler cover) is a story that was changed so much, you can't even see what the original must have been like.

In the story, a ranger finds someone in trouble in a forrest fire. After saving the victim, he deduces it must have been made deliberately and finds the guy who did it. But everything about the victim has been changed, up to the splash page! So who was te original victim and was it even a girl? If she was too sexy, why not slap some ink over her (as I have seen done in other stories)? A weird an d probably unnecessary change.

Oddly, the panel where someone is shot i the belly and yells 'Oh, my hand!' seems to have been part of the original story.

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