Friday, June 15, 2012

Even Starrs Have To Start Somewhere

Friday Comic Book Day.

I have always been a fan of Leonard Starr's work. I think his Mary Perkins is the best written strip of it's time. And I am fond of artits who took the Milt Caniff style and made it their own. So I was very pleased to see that he is featured in the new issue of Alter Ego as well as the next. Do yourself a favor and spend the few buck necessary for the digital version at least. You can get it at Twomorrows.

as aare as I am of Starr's career in the early fifties (he worked for DC and Prize and a couple of other companies), I did not know of his even earlier work, which is featured in the first part of the interview. Apparently, he worked with Frank Bolle on a couple of series for Crown Comics. I have gathered together what I could find of one of those. It seems Starr inked Bolle, although some stories do have those long panels Starr seemed to favor is his solo work in the fifties as well. Since he signed the first few stories, one might assume that he didn't ink the later ones, although I on't always see the diffrence.

I favor this series of the others I saw, since I like the period. It was quite popular around that time in the late fifties. There were similar stories by Mort Meskin (which I have shown on this blog) and of course there is Dan Heilman's American Adventure, which I have shown for some part with more waiting to be scanned from my own collection. I'll add both of those titles to my labels here.

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