Friday, June 29, 2012

Hawking His Wares

Friday Comic Book Day.

Why Alex Toth would chose the pseudonym of Hawk for this single stoy in Famous Features Personal Love. It is mentioned in the ists of his work, but I had never sen it before. Two things are interesting about it. First of all, the date. Toth left DC after a disagreement with his editors in the early fifties. His last worked was published in 1952. This piece was published in the September 1951 issue. Secondly the style is very interesting. It is a departure from the work he did for DC and a definitive step towards his 'new' sharer style of his work from Standard. So how far ahead was DC in prfairing their magazines? Either they were about a half year further awy than other companies or Toth created and sold this story before he left DC... which throws a whole different light on his departure.

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R.A.M.'67 said...

What could've been a truly "ho-hum" story if tackled by a lesser artist gets invigorated by Toth's interesting layouts and fine artwork.

A nice discovery! Thanks for sharing!