Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Men From Madison Avenue

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Here is a cross section of nice newspaper ads, whose artists remain unknown to eme.


Rich Clabaugh said...

Ger, thanks for the great post!! So many different styles boy, I would love a book of this stuff!

Does anyone have that Captain Jolly comic book?!

Thanks again for all your efforts,

Ger Apeldoorn said...

No, I haven't heard of it at all!

I was very disappointed when Richard Marshall's book on advertising comics treated the forties as a sort of inconsequential annex and hardly mentioned the fifties at all. I think my blog shows how many great strips were done in that period. In the meanwhile Tom Heintjes has put me in contact with Rick and if there is ever going to be a second book (which he always i=envisioned) I will certainly contribute whatever color samples I have.

Rich Clabaugh said...

Well that book was WAY too small!! I reviewed for the Monitor and yeah a lot of years were glossed over. This could have easily been a series, 1910-20, 1920-1930 etc.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

And somehow I don't think they did it in such a way that a second book will ever be made.

I'd love to read your review. Any word I should use in the search function of the CS Monitor?

Rich Clabaugh said...

Alas the search function is a tad iffy, but 'Clabaugh' would be your best bet!

Chris Smigliano said...

These are nice..in an article about AD strips in HOGAN'S ALLEY they showed a sample strip for POST GRAPE-NUTS featuring a character called "Little Alby", A diminutive, soft-spoken geeky little fellow that could somehow punch out bullies and bruisers twice his size- all for a bowl of Grape-Nuts! Do you have any of these?

Alberto said...


I think Creig Flessel drew the "Allergy Al" ads; The first "The New Ipana" might be by Stan Drake; and Joe King might have drawn "Joe E. Brown".

Great post, anyway.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Chris: I'll have a look at that issue of Hogan's Alley (isn't that artile online now - it might be). I have many Post ads series, but Little Alby doesn't ring a bell.

Alberto: all know of Flessel is his work on the Eveready series, Boy's Life and David Crane and this looks like none of them to me - but I'd be happy to believe you.

Cheerio's Joe has a lot in common with some of the early Dik Browne ads.

The first Ipana Ad sure looks like Drake's poses, as well. Dave Sim quotes him as saying he was the first and youngest artist to be allowed to sign all his work - but I see no signature here or on another (daily) Ipana ad I have and suspect to be by him. Or is that a signature I see in the right hand corner of the last panel? And doesn't the first New Ipana ad have a Drake signature in the left hand corner?

Joe King was in Boy's Life as well and I should know his style - but I don't.