Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drawn Together

Sunday Meskin Measures.

A small measure of Meskin today. His pal George Roussos worked regularely for The Unseen (and other Standard books) in the early and midfifties. Sometime he collaborated with Mort on the stories and covers. Sometimes they signed them together as MR. Such is the case with the cover to The Unseen #15. Inside are one longer and three shorter pieces by Roussos. For which may or may not have had some help by Meskin. Those who know think not. At least it may be helpfull to see who did what in the Prize books, where their work appeared next to each other as well in a similar style. For now it seems that the diagonal crosshatching is a sign of Roussos' inking, as is the half blaked out face. Weak chins are a sign of Roussos pencilling, although he didn't always use those. For instance, his solo work for the GE pomotional books was much more mainstream, with tight inking and 'normal' people.

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Joaquín said...

Wow, the "Hand of Glory" story is so wonderfully bizarre, I love it!