Friday, July 20, 2012

Old Comics Never Die, They Just Fade Away

Friday Comic Book Day.

Heroic was a curious comic book, filled with short stories (sometimes even one page)about normal people dping heroic stuff. Lots of stories about kids saving other kids from drowning or mom from a fire or a car accident or stuff falling from hifg buildings. Very repetative and very dull. The only saving grace for us collectors is the fact that certain name creators had their start there or filled some time doing a page or two or three. Best know is the earliest appearances of Alex Toth work and the short masterpieces Frank Frazetta threw off (especially in the later war issues). But going through a new batch of scans from John Vandeboncoeur's collection (available from the online Digital Comic Book Museum) I noticed many more familiar names than I had ever thought. Some of the regulars include later Judge Parker artist Harold LeDoux and early fifties stalward Bill Walton. But there are also pages by Alfonso Green, H. G. Peters and these guys...

How about Gil Kane?

Al Williamson in some of his earliest work.

More Al Williamson (signed on the last page with AW).

A cover by... looks familiar... let's look inside...

.. where there is a story that JVJ identifies as being by Prins Namor's daddy, Bill Everett. And look at those girl's face on the second page... I think he is right. He also identiefies the cover as Everett's.

More Williamson and this time John says ot is probably inked by Frazetta.

And this is what Frazetta looks like on his own.

Another Timely artist (or at that time, on his way to become one), Tony DiPreta.

Three by Harold LeDoux/

Frank Frazetta again.

And we'll end with LeDoux.

Pretty weird set, huh? These days it wouldn't evne pay to go round to get the script, but apparently that's what these guys did... you' almost call it heroic.

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Rich Clabaugh said...

Thanks for the post Ger!!
I never saw these before! Of course I LOVE the Frazetta stuff! Damn he was one of kind awesome!