Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loup of Faith

Thursday Story Strip Day.

One of the best things abour Alan Holtz' new encyclopedia American Newspaper Comics is the fact that I can now put a few odds and end in my collection to rest. Sea Hounds was a shortrun realistic strip by Fran Striker and Jon Blummer. It ran from october 1944 to june 1946. I think what I have here are not the earliest strips at the front and the last few at the back. BLummer is best known for creating DC's Hop Harrigan, which according to Holtz also was an even shorter running newspaper strip in 1942. He further assisted Striker on The Lone Ranger in the same years as he did Sea Hound.

I was alerted to this strip when the guys from the Lambiek site asked me if I could identify a French version of the january 1945 strip. The French title 'loup de la mer' also took me to the 1941 movie Sea Wolf which seems to have been the inspiration to the strip.

A one day gap here.

This one is bigger - almost a whole year. WE go right to the last week.


fortunato said...

I don't see any relation among the "Sea Wolf" movie and the "Sea Hound" comic strip.

The strip was derivated from the homonymous Fran Striker radio serial (1942/48).

There was a movie serial too in 1947 with Buster Crabbe as Capt. Silver.

fortunato said...

This is the oldest SEA HOUND strip that I've seen (October 4 1944):

fortunato said...

I beg your pardon.
THIS is the oldest SEA HOUND strip that I've seen (October 2, 1944):

And this is and advertising:

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Great information!