Saturday, September 22, 2012

Power Presentation

Saturday Leftover Day.

This week I ran across another color sample of the Roger Wilco series of ads for Powrhouse Candy Bars that Dik Browne produced for comic strip advertising agency Johnstone and Cushing in 1946 to 1948. I wnt back to NewspaperArchive to see if I could find some more and added those to the ones I have shown earlier. Since some ads were reused by different papers, sometimes a year later and since not all papers that did carry them used them on the same date, I cannot tell if I have found all of them. But so far it looks as if Browne did one a month for more than two years, it looks as if I am still short a few. After that I also repost a bit about a one tier daily version that does not seem to have been drawn by Browne, which suggests the design is not by him - which is od, because it suits his syle at that time. After that some more ads Browne did from 1946.

The Sunday Powerhouse ads may be the only work Dik Browne ever signed while he was at Johnstone and Cushing (follow the tag for more samples). But he didn't sign all of them. And since the campaign ran over a period of three years (I have samples from 1945 and 1948) it is not clear if Browne originated Roger Wilco or if he just inherited it. Still, there is a continuence of style, whic would make it possible for him to have done them all.

Jan 4 1946, A Seaside Saga:

March 3 1946, His Trusty Motorcycle:

May 12 1946, "Native Stew":

July 17 1946, A Streamlined Saga:

Srpt 1 1946, His Handle-Bar Adventure:

Nov 3 1946, A Sooty Saga:

April 6 1947, A Flaming Adventure:

July 27 1947, Gives A Cleaner The Brush Off!:

Augustus 24, 1947, In A Film Thriller:

October 5 1947

November 6, The Big Push:

November 20 1947, In A Jingle Jungle:

Dec 21 1947, A Sooty Saga (again):

Jan 6 1946, In The Wild And Wooly West:

Feb 3 1946, "Snake Charmer":

March 2 1947, Always Right On Deck:

May 4 1947, The Bump On A Log:

June 1 1947, Calls The Tune:

May 2 1948, A Vulcanic Adventure:

May 16 1948, In The Sunny South:

June 6 1948, In A Springtime Adventure:

Apart from the Sunday series, there were also daily chapters (at least in 1945). They are from the same time period, but again it is not certain f Browne was involved. But it does look like the style of the man who had just desgned the Chiquita Banana Lady. I have added the two I showed earlier. In a later post, I suggest the possibillity that Roland Coe might have been involved, sice he had a similar style. But then again, this style is the same Browne used for his Chiquita Lady logo design and some of his earliers cartoons for the Ford Magazine. I have added labels for all of these, if you want to see more.

Nov 26 1945:

Dec 6 1945:

Dec 10 1945:

Dec 17 1945:

Dec 27 1945

In 1946 Browne did another series in a similar style, Captain Mint. They appeared in 1946 and the syle is very similar to the Roger Wilco ads, also from 1946. Colonel Mint is not signed, but Roger Wilco sometimes was (as you can see in the provided sample). Compare for yourselves. But Browne or not, thye are fun.

The tabloid versions are from a sunday magazine. In two cases I have added the two tier version as well, so you can see for yourselves how the conversion was made.

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